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30.07.2018 Nigeria


Hallo  my Precious Reader,

The nursing care and the sacrifice that are offered by the members of the family  are food for though. lnasmuch as there is no accommodation for the relatives of the patients who are given the responsibilty ...

of the taking care of their loved ones, they do sleep on the floor of the hospital at night. Some are meant to stay awake throught-out the night to give information to the nurse at night shift incase of emergency. The nursing cares that are offered by them include: Washing the patients, providing food and feeding the patients.

On this day, a pathetic event took place in the hospital in which a young boy that was operated upon(appendicitis), Was given instruction not to eat till the next day. When he woke up from the surgical operation, he started requesting for food and  water as he was hungry. His friend seeing how hungry he was, had pity on him and bought food for him. It was a terrible situtation after the patient ate the food.He started  experiencing serious pains and was taken back to the theater for another operation. Thank God for the quick reaction of the medical team on ground today. This problem could have been prevented if the  nurses are given the sole responsibility of feeding the patients.

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Photos: Oxygen machine after the operation process for the therapy and homemade crutches used on the bed after the operation

Remain Blessed 

Chibuzo Ogu

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