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27.07.2018 Nigeria


Hallo my Preciuos Reader,

Surgical operation involves among other things three important factors. These important factors are medical personals: medical equipment and good infrastructure in the hospital ...

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l was privileged to work on the general ward among patients that have passed through surgical operations in the hospital. The professionalism on the medical term can be endangered where the other two factors are lacking. From experience l had today, the patients on the general  ward are not only in pains  but the follow-up after the operation is a sad and ugly experience. l was made  to understand and fully informed by the nurses that they are the ones to provide the necessary precaution instruments like hand-globe, disinfectant, and soap to mention but a few. The beds on which the patients lay will keep increasing the pains instead of being of help. The pictures here will show to portray that, as l was permitted by the workers in the hospital to share such pictures for the public.

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Photos: The Hospital bed, The cupboard for Patients Medikament and care Libra

The country is made up of good medical teams but the necessary equipment make the treatment of special ailments a ticket to death. My day was filled with sorrow as l looked on patients in pain without adequate means of helping them. Will such sorrowful mood accompany me tomorrow that is weekend? we will find out. Please accompany me as we will seek for solution at the end of this journey.

Remain Blessed 

Chibuzo Ogu

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