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06.08.2018 Nigeria - DISCUSSION


Hallo my Precious Reader,

Nursing as a passion to save lives and to serve others is my motto in this great medical field. In the recent time this has been compared from  two countries-on the one hand Deutschland that is seen as one of the most develped countries in Europe and at the other hand Nigeria that is seen as the most populous country in African but still seen as a developing country. As a trained nurse in  Deutschland who is still studing for B.S Nursing in this developed world,my experiences in the two countries  offer me opportunity to tap from these countries for a better development of the nursing ... professions in the two countries. 

The nursing practice in Nigeria is filled more with theoretical aspect than practical application. Nurses here have profound and deep knowledge of every illness in their areas of practice thus the nurses discuss various nursing theories and their developments in a particular illness but then lacking seriously in the applications of these theories. In  Deutschland these theories are applied extensively by nurses in day-to-day work but many nurses are not grounded in the theoretical aspect. Thus, a nurse in Deutschland may not know the various theories and developments of a particular illness but he/she can comfortable applied such theory in treatment of an illness. ln a nutshell nursing in Deutschland is more of application than theory while in Nigeria it is more of theory than application.

The communal nature of living in Nigeria is seen also in the treatment of the sick while the individualistic nature of European  life is seen in the treatment of the sick in Deutschland. ln the formal, the members of the family of the sick take care of the needs of the patients through closer watch;washing and cleaning of the patients; making sure that the patients takes his drugs, food and drink. The nurses bring the medication but the memebers of the family make sure that the patient takes the right medication at the right time.ln the later,the family members are passive with regards to the treatment of the patient.Only the medical teams take care of the patient.

The major problem that is seriously facing the nursing practice in Nigeria is the lack of infrastructure and medical equipment which make one with in-depth knowledge not to effectively apply such in practice. lt is heart-braking that the country with such trained and medically sound personalities cannot solve all the medical problems because of non-availablity of medical infrastructure that can be procured from the proceed of the natural resources in the land. The main reason why rich citizens fly to Europe for treatment is the non-availability of the medical infrastructure and not availability of trained medical team.

Nursing in Deutschland is good with regards to application but there is need for improvement in the in-depth knowledge of various medical theories by the nurses. Application is more effective when the reason behind such application is known by the applicant.The problem of the tedious work for nurses in Deutschland can be reduced if the members of the family play active role in the  treatment of the patient. The patient ought not to be abandoned in the hospital till he /she recovers. This, not only reduces the tedious work of the nurses but give nurses time to attend to other tasks in the hospital.

ln conclusion, thanks my cherished reader for visiting my blog, l hope we have benefitted from each other. Be filled with God's blessing and remember to be willing at all time to serve others and save lives through taking care of people around you.

Sr Chibuzo Ogu.

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