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05.08.2018 Nigeria - WEEKEND PROGRAMM


Hallo My Precious Reader,

Annunciation hospital is owned and managed by the members of my religious congregation (D.D.L) as l mentioned above. This family of love meets annually for social gathering in which the members share jokes, do a lot of attainments and merriment. This is a really a time of relapsing from work in order to be strong in the various apostolates ...

l have not been privileged to attend such since l left Nigeria for Deutschland. This  practical experience in the hospital offered  me such opportunity. This great gathering is really a lasting memory. There  was no official work in the hospital by the religious sisters working in the hospital  for every member must be physically active. l was involved in some of the activities. Really, it is wonderful and lovely when brothers and sisters live a communal life and share jokes with one another. The pictures and video below illustrate such a festive and happy mood. l will be ending my practical tomorrow.:::

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Remain Blessed 

chibuzo ogu

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