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02.08.2018 Nigeria


Hallo my Precious Reader,

Life is really a mystery, a saying goes among my people that only God has the verdict on the termination of one's life no wonder my people answer names such as Chijindu (God holds the key to life), Chigaekwu (God will say)to mention but a few. Today l worked in the intensive care unit where patients ...

... that are assumed to have been destined to die as soon as possible. In this unit many patients that are diagnosed with incurable ailments are actually curable if given enough medical equipment and infrastructure in my country.

Some are placed on what they called life-machines such as artifical respiratory systems which are functionary only when there  is electricity supply.OF course,there is no constant supply of electricity. These patients are taken care of by the relatives who keep praying for healing instead of getting the right solution from the ailment. The medical team just keeps coming to check whether the patients are still alive thus intensive care unit ironically means waiting for one's death.

Reamin Blessed 

chibuzo ogu.

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