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29.07.2018 Nigeria - WEEKEND PROGRAMM


Hallo my preicous Reader,

Meditation is necessary for the physiological, psychological and spiritual development of a man. l used the time for meditation to reflect on the poor health system in my beloved country of birth. The ugly practice of still using the analogue system of storing information in Nigeria as against the digitalized system in our global world. The  painful practice of allowing the patients to provide by themselves ...

The basic materials for their treatment or otherwise not to be attended to, constitutes really a cog in the development of health system in Nigeria.At last l think there is need to proffer a solution the end of this  experience.

After medication, l went to Sunday mass to fulfill my Sunday obligation as a Christian. l really enjoyed the lively nature of the celebration. The mass lasted for three hours but was not boring. People  were singing, dancing, and making merriment in the church. The idea of such practice makes the church a lively place especially for the youths. The pictures and video of the people at mass say it all.

Remain Blessed 

Chibuzo Ogu

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