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Grüdungsfeier der FH

Grußworte aus Korea nach Bielefeld

Grußworte von ChangBok Chung, STD President der Hanil University & Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Jeonju, Korea bei der Gründungsveranstaltung:

I am so delighted to have this opportunity to congratulate your opening ceremony. I sincerely congratulate the President of the university Dr. Haas and the people who worked hard to make this event a great success.

I have brought greetings from Hanil University and Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the name of Jesus Christ.

I understand the concept Diakonia is the real expression of Christian faith and life. Therefore we can see Diakonia is the element of sound Christian society. We recognize that German Christian society is the frontier workers for Diakonian ideas, activities, and programs which all the churches in the world appreciate your church.

Today I understand the Diakonia Evangelistic Church of Germany Protestants and fourteen Diakonian institutes join this big event. Also this university educates and train practicing professionals for the real advance Diakonian society. I really aspire and like to invite your ideas and programs to Korea.

When President Dr. Haas visited us we looked forward for sister relation in order to cultivate and cooperate the possibility of sharing the programs.

Korean church has been unremarkably grown up in the history of Christian Mission. However, we are so weak to develop Diakonian programs like yours. I feel heavy responsibility to meet Diakonian programs in Korea. It’s my hope that we will join closely to share mutual concern, experience and ideas to build up Diakonian society in Korea.

Again I congratulate your wonderful ceremony today. Please know that you are invited to visit my country and my university.

May God Richly Bless you and your work.

Thank you.

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